Better Life

Better Life Animal welfare and quality

PALI Meat products are always an animal-friendly choice. Our Better Life certification confirms that our products exceed the legal requirements for animal welfare.

Better Life label

The Better Life label is a quality mark developed by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA). The label offers consumers confirmation that pork products are from pigs that have been well cared for. The SPA awards the label exclusively to products that exceed the Dutch requirements for care, production conditions, and animal welfare.

An animal-friendly choice

We are known for the quality and good health of all the piglets and pigs we work with. Our animal-friendly approach means that the pigs have more space, more environmental enrichment, and more opportunities to engage in natural behaviours. We invest in this every day, working together with dedicated pig farmers, our supply chain partners.

Quality in the chain

PALI Meat is chain director. In this role, we set high standards for animal welfare in every link in the supply chain, including transport, slaughter, freezing, packaging, and delivery of the final product.

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