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About us Discover the story of PALI Meat

PALI Meat has made a significant impact on the European and global pork markets. To find out how we built our company and reputation, read our story.

Top-quality pork products

PALI Meat, part of the global, family-owned PALI Group, is an experienced specialist in pork products. We are driven by our devotion to providing our customers with top-quality pork products every day. In this, we are guided by our commitment to offering a personal approach and maintaining close involvement throughout the entire supply chain.

Discover the story of PALI Meat

  • 2016


    PALI Group acquires pork abattoir De Wit in Geldrop, the Netherlands. This company continues as PALI Geldrop under the umbrella of PALI Group. After more than 50 years in buying and selling pigs, this acquisition further expands PALI Group’s role in the pork meat chain.

  • 2019


    PALI Group acquires another company: pork processor Wijnen Meat in Oss. PALI Geldrop and Wijnen Meat become PALI Meat, with production facilities in Oss and Geldrop.

  • 2021


    Launch of website www.smaakvolvlees.nl, where consumers can order PALI Meat’s pork products online. The range also includes veal products from sister company Vitelco.

  • 2022


    Launch of Duke's Cuisine, a new concept for the hospitality industry. Duke’s Cuisine offers a large selection of fresh pork from PALI Meat and veal from Vitelco, pre-cut and packaged in perfect portions.

  • 2024


    PALI Group's own pig abattoir 'PALI Geldrop' is ceasing to operate. From 1 April 2024, PALI Group's pigs are being slaughtered at Compaxo, after which some of the pork will be further processed at PALI Meat in Oss.

PALI Meat’s quality guarantee

PALI Meat is a chain director in the pork supply chain. This means we can control the quality of every link in the chain. This control is made possible by good communication, clear agreements, continuous process monitoring, and our team of passionate professionals. The result: complete transparency from pig farm to final product. And the guarantee that our customers can rely on us for premium pork products.

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