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Working at PALI Meat

PALI Meat is part of PALI Group. Explore your career opportunities at PALI Group. Whether you’re at the start of your career or looking to take the next step, we’d love you to join our top-notch team.

We are PALI Group

We are a robust, family-owned business. We are also one of Europe's largest producers of veal, pork and goat meat. We value our roots, but we also look forward to the future: towards cooperation in the supply chain, continued growth and new concepts. And to a sector where we maintain our position as a leader in animal welfare, circularity, sustainability and innovation. What would working with us mean for you? You'll make an active contribution to building a future-proof food chain. The impact you make will largely be shaped by your role. Come and visit us – you're always welcome!

The power of cooperation

Working at PALI Group, you'll be an integral part of a close-knit team. You'll collaborate closely with your colleagues to make improvements, tackle challenges and celebrate successes. We also prioritise the individual because every individual team member is important to us. So we will give you plenty of opportunities to grow and develop. We'll encourage you to share your ideas about innovating or improving job satisfaction. We'll also make sure we always recognise and celebrate your personal milestones too. If PALI Group sounds like a good fit for you, we would love for you to join us!

  • 800 employees

  • active in 38 countries

  • Advancement opportunities

  • Family business

  • Enthusiastic employee association

PALI Meat is part of PALI Group

PALI Meat is part of the PALI Group family, one of Europe’s largest independent producers of pork, veal and goat meat for more than sixty years. As chain director, PALI Group maintains complete control over all aspects of the chain, ensuring the quality and traceability of our products. At the heart of all we do are our dedicated employees, trusted chain partners, and valued customers, combined with an approach based on flexibility, innovation, drive, and respect for people, animals and the environment.

To PALI Group

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