Our pork chain

Our pork Chain

PALI Meat’s premium products are the result of teamwork in the chain. It’s what we call ‘the power of cooperation’.

Involved in the entire chain

We are involved with every link in the chain. We work in partnership with pig farmers and traders and offer support, for example, with purchasing and caring for pigs and piglets. We also arrange transport. We slaughter the pigs and process the pork ourselves. We work with respect for people, animals, and the environment to achieve excellent results – together with our chain partners.

Purchasing pigs

We have been buying pigs and piglets for more than 60 years. Using our extensive experience in this dynamic sector, we act as mediator to ensure the perfect match between supply and demand.

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Pig farming

PALI Group is the trusted partner to many pig farmers. They can rely on our personal support and advice to help them achieve the best returns.

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Our pork abattoir

PALI Meat has its own professional pork abattoir in Geldrop. This facility, which operates year-round, has a skilled team who process around 15.000 pigs a week with respect and precision.

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Our deboning hall

After slaughter, some of the pigs are deboned at the PALI Meat deboning hall in Oss. We can also provide custom cutting of the boneless meat, allowing us to bring our pork products to an even wider range of customers.

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Fresh products


In addition to bone-in and boneless pork, we also offer customer-specific products. Customers can indicate how they would like the meat to be processed. Our speciality in this category is salted and traditionally smoked bacon.

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Special processing requests?

Our cold store

Our cold storage facility in 's-Hertogenbosch has a storage capacity of 45,000 square metres and a freezing capacity of 150 tonnes of meat per day. Freezing takes place immediately after the animal is slaughtered or the meat is processed. Our customers can specify the method used, either tunnel freezing or plate freezing. Products are frozen at very high speed, guaranteeing the meat's quality.

Our cold store


PALI Logistics oversees the entire transportation process of our products. We have our own drivers, a fleet of refrigerated trucks, and a group of dedicated, experienced transport partners.

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Your order in the right place at the right time

Pork sales

Whether bone-in, boneless or custom processed, our pork products find their way to customers around the world. We can supply in large quantities, in a variety of cuts, portion packed or ready-to-use.

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Custom solutions